Welsh Cider Made In The Most Northerly Part of Wales


Our Heritage Dry Cider is made from a wide variety of apples gathered from trees found all over the Isle of Anglesey. The freshly pressed juice is traditionally crafted to produce a unique crisp tasting cider.

7.3% ABV


Our Sundaze Medium-Dry Still Cider is made from a wide variety of hand-picked Anglesey apples.  Using traditional methods we have created a refreshing session cider to be enjoyed on long Sunny Days.

5.0% ABV


Our Môn Katy Dry Cider is made from mostly Katy apples blended with complimentary variety of hand-picked Anglesey apples.  The freshly pressed juice is traditionally crafted to produce a delicate cider with a vinous quality.

7.3% ABV


Our Woodland Medium Still Cider is made from a blend of Anglesey Cox, dessert and cider apple varieties.  The freshly pressed juice is expertly crafted to produce a traditional and full flavoured cider that packs a punch.

6.2% ABV


For many years, we had produced craft cider as a hobby on a small scale made from apples that would have been otherwise thrown away by friends and family. In 2013 we yearned for a change of lifestyle on the coast and after spending many memorable weekends on the Isle of Anglesey, we knew it was the only place we wanted to be. Not just for its beautiful landscape and breathtaking views but also for the people and the pace of life.
In autumn 2015 we noticed that many apple trees on Anglesey had an abundance of fruit going to waste and this sparked the idea to produce a new Welsh Cider on a commercial level.
The following summer we made a plea via social media for unwanted Anglesey apples and pears and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response. Offers of fruit came flooding in from single trees to orchards allowing us to embark on the bountiful task of collecting apples from all over the island.
So, there began the Jaspels journey producing five unique craft ciders, winning awards, gaining lots of media interest and an international following of cider enthusiasts all in the first year…. phew!

Janet & Ade

P.S in case you are wondering ‘Jaspels’ was simply an acronym of our names but is now also the name given to our cheeky mascot, Jaspel the Red Squirrel.


You may ask the question “Can you make cider without using specific cider apple varieties?”

Well, in our experience the answer is yes! In fact anyone can make cider if you have apples, a press and a suitable container, however the real test is whether the end result is drinkable or not!

This is where our experience of craft cider making and ingenuity come together. The apples are gathered from all over Anglesey from small gardens to large established orchards containing many many varieties of apple trees.

Our craft ciders are made from the freshly pressed juice extracted using a handmade traditional style hydraulic wooden press. The juice is then allowed to ferment over various periods of time and then expertly blended to produce unique flavours that offer a true taste of Anglesey.

‘Having lost its ancient tradition completely, Wales is now back on the cider map with a BANG’

Worlds Best Cider Book, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw (2013)


To continue to make and develop our Anglesey Craft Cider we require more unwanted apples and pears. With a lot of hard work co-ordinating apple pickings all over the island, the first year’s harvest (2016) produced an amount of cider that exceeded our expectations.  The first batch of cider won an award and sold out within a few months.

More Apple Donors came on board for the 2017 harvest which allowed us to move from our initial pilot scheme base to a larger site in Amlwch.  This meant that we could produce five times as much cider as the previous year and increase our stockists throughout Anglesey, North Wales and Cheshire.

We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of the Anglesey people. So, please continue to spread the word and get in touch if you have no use for your apples and pears or you’ve made your quota of apple pies and still have fruit left to spare.

We are also interested in hedgerows or random apple trees scattered over the island so if you know of any ‘hotspots’ let us know. Basically, if you see an apple tree….. Think Jaspels!


Did you know that in the middle ages Anglesey was also known as Môn Mam Cymru, Mother of Wales? This name was given because its fertile fields provided sufficient food for the whole of the North of Wales, so it makes sense that fruit trees are continuing to thrive on the island.

#angleseyciderproject was launched in 2016 to make use of the apples and pears that would have otherwise gone to waste. Our ventures took us all over the island finding various old and interesting trees. Our aim is to graft from these trees and plant up many new orchards on Anglesey.

We believe that Anglesey has the landscape and climate to become a prime cider making destination and we are sure you will agree that there is nothing nicer than rows and rows of thriving apple trees bursting with blossom or plentiful with fruit before the harvest.

This is where you can help – We are keen to hear from anyone on Anglesey with old apple or pear trees or established orchards that we can investigate and take graft cuttings from. If you wish to become an ‘Apple Donor’ you will also receive samples of the finished cider the following spring.



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